No company exists without people. Labour costs represent more than half, sometimes even 80% of the fixed expenses. How to increase the efficiency of the workers and keep them motivated? How to select and retain the talents?

Too often, we solve these issues on a case by case basis. At REVIT.HR, we believe that retention pay for performance. The development of the organization must be a part of a long-term strategy and planning. This is the role of strategic HR. REVIT.HR helps you to adapt your HR strategy and your organization to the new challenges.

The role of the leader is crucial in a modern organization. Managing, motivating, taking quick decisions, developing the team are only a few of a whole range of task of a leader. At REVIT.HR we help to build leadership, to build long term development strategies, to adapt the career paths to the needs of the company. We also advise on individual development, especially during transformation projects, after a promotion or a take-over of a new team.

For many years corporate culture has been only a tool in internal communications. Now, when digitalisation progresses, corporate culture becomes a main element of the competitive advantage. Corporate culture is based on the values of the company, but in practice, it is set by behaviours of the owners, the managers, and the key opinion leaders. Corporate culture is not easy to change because it takes time to remodel those behaviours. AT REVIT.HR, we believe it is possible to impact the corporate culture, and we offer you efficient ways to achieve it.

For the first time on the market, five very different generations that work together. Globalization, the integration within the European Union makes the workforce more and more diversified. REVIT.HR supports you in developing a diversity policy aligned with the corporate strategy. We also offer our help in the implementation of such a policy, the measurement of its efficiency and the integration of the employees around these new goals.

The underlying assumption is that your HR processes comply with the local law. This is the first stage of risk management. REVIT.HR helps you develop tools and procedures, that guarantee the reduction of HR risk and ensure that in a quickly changing environment, growing competition and war for talents, your company does not mistake on human resources.

The HR team plays a crucial role when your company faces change. It can be a new market, a merger, or a change in the strategy. Employees and other company stakeholders must be convinced and sure of the new project and actively support it. REVIT.HR experts use their own experience as project leaders in change management to help you in the preparation of the process. We help during the whole implementation phase; throughout the transformation of your new experience, and into a new way of management.

In the age of digitalization, globalization, and diversity, to find and retain talents, your company needs to require a very strong employer brand, as well as new recruiting methods. At REVIT.HR, we support HR communication departments while building an action plan to improve the employer branding continuously. For some of the projects, if required, we also perform an executive search.

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